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TNBT: haul vlogs

September 4, 2010

Another “revolution” – this time it’s “afoot in teenagers’ bedrooms”, according to The Sunday Times.

Haul vlogs – teenage girls, known as haul queens, upload videos of themselves after they’ve been on a massive shopping spree/received loads of freebies, sharing their purchases with the world, giving ‘their’ views on the products and brands. It’s not just an innocent hobby –  it’s big business. These girls are reaching millions of viewers around the world, with brands desperate to get them to talk about their products.

They get tonnes of freebies, have significant influence and all they really need to do is chat about clothes/makeup in front of a camera.

Examples include Fleur de Force and Blair Fowler (or search “haul vlog” on YouTube).

It’s no surprise that brands want their products featured – an American shirtmaker saw a “30:1 return on investment from working with a male vlogger” and an Australian custom shoe company tripled sales after giving £600 and three pairs of £180 shoes to a haul queen, in exchange for a 9-minute vlog.

You’ll need a subscription to read the full article.

Is it TNBT? I hope not. Essentially an army of teenage brand-whores getting massive attention and glorifying greed. Great PR RoI for brands though.

What else? The feature ends with “Other weird online jobs” such as ‘Blogging agent’, ‘Dating profile writers’ and ‘Skype therapists’. Interesting to see how this job market develops.


TNBT: gourmet food vans

September 2, 2010

The Independent claims that a gourmet burger van is “part of a revolution in British street food“.

Is fancy street food the next big thing?

Some countries (India, for example) are known for their tasty, cheap, fresh street food. England is not one of them. The only examples I can think of are the jacket potato cart (Preston city centre) and manky burger vans.

However, The Meat Wagon, run by Yianni Papoutsis, is “causing a sensation in food blogs” with its £5 burgers. Yianni is an obsessive perfectionist, travelling around the world to perfect his recipe. Not your standard burger seller then. His success appears to be through word-of-mouth (and the blogs of course).

As a nation, we’re increasingly open to different types of food. Our obsession with celebrity chefs (their TV programmes, books, cooking apps, etc) means that more people are actively looking for quality produce and a high standard of cooking skills. The gourmet food van makes good food accessible to a wider audience (‘the medium is the message?’).

Is it TNBT? Maybe in big cities and at festivals in summer.

What else? The Meat Wagon is part of, a collective of gourmet food vans, including Gujarati Rasoi and Choc Star.

Thanks to @JeromeNivoixFox for the spot.

Seen a gourmet food van near you? Let me know by leaving a comment below.